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ladybigsmile इच्छा-सूची
Mine House with Swimming Pool! Awesome DREAM !!!!!!!!
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3000 токенов одной монеткой
3000 токенов одной монеткой
Awesome Tip! So good For me!
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Help Me to Achieve My Goals for an Amazing 2019 Year! Помогите Сделать 2019 год Удивительным и Незабываемым!
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to be a Queen of Bongacams
to be a Queen of Bongacams
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Симочка, дружочек родной! Спасибо что ты есть у меня ! Я по кошачи, можно ? Фыр , фыр, мууур ,муууур !!!
Thanks a lot for My Amazing Win TOP41 (23-29-September-2019)
My The BEST KING of the Week -♥ Bigdogbarney ♥ (It was a miracle!)
My Prince of the Week - ♥ URETZ ♥ (Мой Принц Недели Всегда Лучший!)
My Gentleman of the Week - ♥ Trusword2-♥(Great Support Everyday!)
Thanks to all my Friends, Special Thanks to ♥ Rudolf101 ♥ (Огромное СПАСИБО!), ♥ martzel83 ♥ (SuperHelp!)
Обожаю Эти яркие глазки и нежную улыбку. Как же не хватает такой искренности в повседневной жизни.
Твоя улыбка дарит искреннее наслаждение жизни.
Рыжулька, ты лучшая!!!
You wrote such beautiful words to me! 😇🥰😍😘 I am very lucky to have you in my life! I am honored to be a part of your life! I will always support you! I enjoy my time with you every time you are online! You are unique and one of a kind!❤💋😍😘🥰 Every time I see you, my heart beats a little faster! So happy to have met you! Giving you the biggest Huggs and Kisses that are possible!!❤❤❤💋💋💋 I will always LOVE YOU! And look forward to your goals of the fall and winter! WE GOT THIS! 🥰😘😍💏
Ladybigsmile-- Lol I am soo glad I surprised you with my tip! It was difficult to keep it in and NOT tell you! 😋😇 I just know with being with you all Summer you really worked hard! And nonstop with no time off! So, if my tip could help you just a little for you to rest and relax, I was going to do it! 😇😉😊 You know I like helping you with your goals! Lol You thinking it's not possible and I am here to show you that it is possible and for you to believe in yourself! ❤😍🥰💋😘💘❤❤💋💋⚡⚡⚡Magic!
Thanks 💜 for My Win TOP-83 (Sep 02 – Sep 08) 2019 💜
Спасибо 💜 За Победу в ТОПЕ-83! Special
Thanks to My Incredible Powerful Heroes:
Trusword2 💗 MY KING of the Week! 💕 The Most Awesome TIP EVER 💗11000 tokens 💗 One Tip!
URETZ 💜 Мой Принц Недели!
Bigdogbarney 💝 My Gentleman of The Week!
and Thank you 💛 pis***0 💛 Harvey4797 💛 Duck-- 💛 Rudolf101 💛 -Serkor 💛 Vov4ik-11 💛 Souissi59 💛 ebundi 💛 Mattomasz 💛 Cyberix 💛 Luca10010 💛 Konop***3 💛 Nudeswimmer11 💛 Shizik2030 💛 danhos
Сладкая вкусняшка. Умная красотка. Терпеливая девочка )) Озорной рыжик ))
Thank you so much for your lovely words, dear Sima, I hope we can share a lot of time here, cos you are so lovely, full of heart and soul, enormou***indly and extremly beautiful. You deserve every kind of compliment, caress and love. Kisses over kisses from Stefan
офигенская шикарная красотка
Thank You for MY WIN in TOP-100 in this YEAR! I really love it! Спасибо за Победу в топе -100 - в этом году! Я обожаю Это!