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Hello stranger)) If you went into my room and didn’t see anything interesting for yourself, write me a message and maybe we’ll figure something out together))) Sorry, but I’m not used to having frank shows in a free chat for a little tip)) I’m quite I’m self-sufficient and I have everything in life that I need) I also know what work is every day and achieved a lot in my life before registering on this site I earned and bought two apartments)) I have a highly paid profession and a decent stable income but I left the site working for greater freedom) For these reasons, I don’t like beggars who ask for nothing and understand cultural guests who don’t always have tokens)) After all, you are also people and you may have difficulties ... So that primitive questions do not appear -I will answer you right away on the site since February 2019 and this is not my first account and the normal size of a member is such a size that suits your girlfriend)) In my room there are not thousands of moderators — why would a user use a sword if everything in the room is with swords ?? )) If you want to get the sword of my room, you need to be worthy of it! )) And dignity is not only tokens !!!! Attitude to me and communication can play a greater role than tips! )) If you are cheerful and respect the model, make love and add your friends!)) If you haven’t added it, then remind about the application in the message)) welcome))
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Как ты прекрасна и нежна,
Загадочна и романтична,
Ты словно ранняя весна,
И всё в тебе так гармонично.

С тобою просто и легко,
С тобою скучно не бывает.
Мне весело и хорошо,
Когда ты рядом, дорогая!
Ты прекрасна, не поспоришь,
Ты, как нимфа, хороша,
Манит взгляд твоя фигура,
Раскрывает суть — душа.

Ты умна и грациозна,
Непосредственна, мудра,
Все в тебе легко и сложно,
Ты такая лишь одна.
Всем советую! Элегантная дама, может и пококетничать и через секунду ухватить вас за яица!) Не проходите мимо)
*•❀•*.Your beauty is irresistible that it transcends the limits of magic and beauty
❀Every time I try to unravel the mystery of your beauty becomes more mysterious
❀Your eyes like the stars shine on me
❀You deserve only the warmest words!
❀Let your heart know this day
❀I'm ready for everything for you!